Sunriver Stampede Table Runner by QuiltSunriver

Sunriver Stampede Table Runner by QuiltSunriver


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Inspiration really is everywhere, but it often seems impossible to get enough, or just the right AHA! bit of it! It’s always fun to see what other quilters and crafters are doing, and maybe even find a little gem — a slick tip, an unexpected color combination, a nifty project — to make your very own. In the Bucket List, I’ll share what gets me going, and the fruits of that inspiration!


Sunriver Stampede
Table Runner

QuiltSunriver’s first free downloadable project pattern, Sunriver Stampede Table Runner, reflects the excitement of the Sunriver Stables herd as they thunder across their pasture every morning and evening during the warmer months of the year. It’s just one of the exciting inspirations you’ll find during your QuiltSunriver retreat!

Level: Confident Beginner
Finished size: 46” x 13”


Basics: Binding

Step…by step…by simple step. The perfect binding is simple but depends on attention to easy details done in order. QuiltSunriver’s free downloadable tutorial, Basics: Binding, is clearly written and fully illustrated so you can finish up the project of your dreams with no stress, and get yourself on to the next inspiring project on your own bucket list!

Level: Beginner