Here's to Making Good Things Happen in 2019!

Quick note: while this post doesn’t have a thing to do with quilting,
it has everything to do with retreating! Read on to find out how!

A few days before Christmas, a few friends and I fulfilled a long-time promise to ourselves: we would all get together—someday—and make Buche de Noel, the classic French Christmas cake. It was a baking challenge we each had been drawn to by some combination of visits to France, dreams of visits to France, a little too much exposure to the Great British Baking Show, a desire to learn something new…or, let’s be real: maybe we just love cake!

We prepped a couple weeks in advance for our chosen recipes, gathering inspirations and sharing them via email and Pinterest. My sweet, amazing mom came down to join us. The morning of Buche-day everyone loaded up their mixers, ingredients, baking pans and enthusiasm and lugged them all to my house, chosen for it’s double ovens. And then it just happened: we conferred, sifted, whipped, chatted, folded, brushed, helped, sprinkled, laughed, rolled, advised, iced, crystallized…and finally we oooh!-ed and ahhh!-ed! We had each made a beautiful Buche de Noel for our families’ Christmas dinner. 

What does this have to do with QuiltSunriver? Looking back at the photos and thinking about how that truly fun and satisfying day came together, I’m realizing how much it had in common with a quilting retreat: making the time to spend with friends in a creative endeavor, planning and anticipation, sharing knowledge and time, lifting each other up and creating a memory that becomes a bond. 

That’s the good stuff, the stuff I want more of in my own life: friendship, creativity, encouragement. It’s why I set up QuiltSunriver, though of course, you can find it in your own kitchen or so many other places, too! The important thing is just to make it happen for yourself before too much time passes by.  

So cheers to making good things happen in 2019! Happy Creating!


ps: There’s (probably!) a bit more to the world of friendship than quilting and baking…how do you and your buddies spend your time creating together? I’d love to know!